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DHG is a real estate business with a current portfolio consisting of 550,000 m² of existing construction and 750,000 m² of construction in development. DHG has 2.6 million m² of ground surface in total, of which 70% is logistics. The remainder consists of office space, business space and a large number of terminals. In addition to real estate investment, DHG also develops high-quality real estate projects herself. The proceeds of the investment properties form an important part of the financial foundation of the development activities. The company is characterized by three key words: “passion, creativity and dynamics”.


Passion, because a small group of people are working with great dedication to their discipline: acquiring, developing and exploiting real estate. At DHG we see problems as challenges. This successful organization is headed by David Hart, the founder and name giver of DHG. An important key sentence to him is: “Achieving a good return by excel in solving complex problems”. Personal involvement is noticeable throughout the whole organization.

HG is a creative and unconventionally thinking company. This is why DHG is also involved with parties with challenging real estate problems. Some examples are the (re-) development of: business parks (especially in port related areas), business accommodations and high-quality distribution centers. Every situation, every building and every location is unique. DHG always provides a creative contribution to a case without preconceptions. Therefore DHG is often in the market for risky and complex projects.



The dynamics of DHG are reflected in the organization’s decisiveness. A small and specialized club of people, who know what they are doing. Making fast, well thought decisions and taking decisive action makes DHG a pleasant and solid business partner.